Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Good News

Well kind of, I won't be sure for another two weeks, and even then there's a catch if the news becomes bad.

Well the semi-good news is that the specialist I saw told me that he didn't think that I needed radiation therapy. He said he thinks the reason my lymph node in my abdomen (actually in groin), is because of a sore in on my right leg. he asked to look at my leg and told him about my bad ankle. He then said that it could be the cause. Then he went to explain to me the type of testicular cancer I had. He told me that there are two types of testicular cancer; seminoma, and nonseminoma. He said my case was strange, because I had seminoma, but it my blood markers were reading as nonseminoma. Weird, and I guess that is why he doesn't want to rule out the possibility of my possible bad news.

The bad news is, that I may have to get chemotherapy instead of radiation treatment if the cancer levels in my blood haven't gone down or gone away. If they remain the same, or if they increase, then I will have to have chemotherapy. I'm hoping for good news. It's giving me the chills thinking about going through chemotherapy. I know even less about that, compared to radiation therapy, but I do know it makes you sick and weak, and I really would like to avoid that possibility. So I have to play the waiting game again and wait for the doctor to come back from his vacation. In January I also have to get a chest x-ray done before I go and see him. Not to mention the one I have to have done February for the urologists that performed my orchiectomy.

Even though all this is happening to me right now, I can say happily that I am in good spirits. My brother is home and that's a plus. Even when he won't be here I'll still be happy. Life is short, and we don't know how much time we have on Earth with our families. Might as well live while you can, and I think I am going to do that now.


Charles said...

P.S. the Doc also said I was in stage 1 of the cancer so that was a plus too. :)

Chelle said...


Charles, my Aunt when through Chemo. She lost her taste for Pepsi, which was her soda of choice much like yours for Cherry Coke. So! If you do happen to have to go through Chemo you COULD finally break free from the Cherry Coke like you have mentioned 22509850285029 times over the past few years.

I will keep you close to my heart and in my thoughts. If you ever need to just talk, I'm here. :o) Email me and if I'm on, I'll open up my IMs for you Sug. I miss you!

Love you my favorite sensual chocolate!

Indigo said...

Definitely a big plus on the positive side. I'm going to keep sending the positiv vibes, as well keeping in my prayers on the smoke.

I do believe staying positive throughout, no matter what is half the battle won. I've had several friends who have gone through chemo and/or radiation. They've all said the same thing keep the hope alive and looking forward to the next day. (Hugs)Indigo

shari said...

I will keep praying.

Ari said...

Holy cow. You've been through so much these past couple of months. Think about it, Charles. You never ever wanted to have surgery, you did it. You were scared, but you did it anyway. That's true bravery. Aw, you're my hero. ;) You can do anything when given the chance.

Do take it easy, though. I so hope everything works out okay.