Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm so happy...

My brother is coming home for Christmas. Yipeeeee! He's gonna be here for a whole two weeks, so I hope we can make some time to do some things (my body willing). I've missed him so much, ever since he left I was kind of down. I didn't get to go and see him when my family went to see his graduation from basic training. I'm going to give him a bear hug, and I don't care if i'm not totally healed yet. I remember how I said how the beginning of this year was the best i've had in a long time, and then things like upsetting my bro started changing my opinion about this year. Then I get with cancer and such, but my little brother is coming home albeit for two weeks, so these two weeks will be the happiest of this year, and that's good in itself.

I'm sure that he'll be by my side when I get my radiation treatments. It would take a natural/unnatural disaster of some kind to keep my bro from supporting me. Even if I said no, he'd still come and support me. That's the kind of brother I have, and I love him for that. I wonder if him and I could get some video game time in for old time sakes (LOL).

I'm so happy because i'm back at work. I'm not at 100% and i'm not sure if my body will ever be the same again, but i'm sure happy to actually be doing something other than sitting at home playing video games (contradicting the previous paragraph I know I know but its with my bro), or watching t.v., or staring at the walls. I missed some of my co-workers, I missed some of my regular customers, heck I missed the smell of baking bread on Sunday mornings. I may not be up to specs yet, but some of the smiles I received yesterday and today gave me the strength to carry on as if I were. I just hope I won't get too weak that I won't have to miss anymore time away from work.

Ever since that nurse tried to draw some blood from my left arm and failed causing a bruise, i've been trying to drink more and more water. Another nurse said that it helps widen the veins. Didn't know that so i've been drinking me some water.

You know I know this radiation stuff is serious and all, but I've been thinking a lot about what will happen when they make me "glow" um down there.... Will I lose my hair. I mean I don't mind losing my hair on my head, because i'm already going bald. I just don't want to lose my manly hair, man. Me Charles beast (beating hands against chest like gorilla). Am I thinking that??? Seriously though I really did think about that a lot. What i'm really hoping for is some super powers. Like a Radio Active spider biting me giving me super-strength proportionate to the strength of a spider, the ability to crawl on walls, and a sixth sense that warns me of impending danger, and lets not forget the ability to spin silk webs, as long as it comes out of my arms and not out of my butt!


Indigo said...

Dearest Charles, I know what your going through we had this scare with my Paul. In the end the tumor was benign. I'm delighted to hear your brother is coming back. I know from reading you from time to time how very much you miss him. As for the radiation, I have no doubt you will be a trooper through it all. You will find strength, perseverance in the most unlikely places dear friend. In the meantime I will continue to keep you in my prayers on the smoke and send healing vibes your way. Keep your chin up hon, there is more to you inside than even you know. (Hugs)Indigo

Chelle said...

Beast Charles! ::PERKITY PERK PERK::

Glad to hear your bro is coming home sug for a visit.

Miss you sug.


shari said...

You sound...upbeat through this... I'm so glad you are getting strengthening smiles sent your way. I'm sending one right now :)
And I'm so glad your brother is going to be home during this time.