Monday, November 08, 2010

Which would you choose?

Which would you rather lose? In real life, you would have to choose one or the other. You can't choose to keep them both, and in some cases you could lose it all. Which would you choose? Would you chose to lose your vision, or your hearing?

If you chose your vision, it would mean losing your ability to see. You would lose so much more than the ability of preventing yourself from walking into things. You'd lose the ability to see your family, and friends. You'd lose the ability to see the love of your life. You wouldn't be able to see a sunset or a sunrise. There wouldn't be anymore autumn leaves. No more stars in the night sky. You'd miss seeing your children grow into adults. Seeing birds fly would be a thing of the past. Going blind we could miss seeing countless things. All you would have of these are memories stuck the same way for the rest of your life. Even then they may be come abstract because over time you could forget how they looked.

If you chose your hearing, it would mean losing your ability to hear. You would lose so much more than the ability to hear things approach you. You wouldn't be able to hear your love ones say I love you. You wouldn't be able to hear the bird calls, or a baby coo. You wouldn't be able to hear your favorite music. Waterfalls and raindrops would seem to keep falling forever with no end in sight. Even the occasional wind blowing is nice every once and awhile. I remember watching a segment on Good Morning America awhile back about a young girl who had lost her hearing in one ear from a condition, and she had to have surgery to fix a problem and it was going to cost her the hearing in her other ear. I remember them saying that she played a song over and over again because she wanted to remember it. It was an inspirational song. It was an inspirational story.

What if you didn't have either ability. Their is this book in high school I read. It is about a girl who lost both her hearing and vision at a very early age. A woman taught her words by writing letters with her fingers onto the child's hand. I never really wanted to read the book because It was a homework assignment, but now, I think I will go to borders and find the book about Helen Keller.

You never know one day you may wake up and you may have lost one of your senses. Don't take them for granted. Don't stay on the computer for hours at a time. Don't blast your music until your ears start ringing. It may not bother you now, but think fifteen years from now.


Emily Suess said...

I suppose I'm a little paranoid. I can't decide for fear it'll be like telling the universe, "Okay, you're clear to take this one away."

I need them all.

Charles said...

LOL when you put it that way. I need them all too.

Still, sometimes it gets picked for you.

Ari said...

I don't have the best hearing. I can hear, but if there is a lot of background noise, my ears just don't have the ability to focus. All I hear is a bunch of ... static, I guess is the right word. It's not fun, especially when you're trying to answer the phone. The odd thing is that there was this lady where I used to work that would come in and she was deaf. She could speak but it was hard for people to make out what she was saying. But because I already watch people's lips, I don't have to rely on the sounds, so I could understand her perfectly. This doesn't work all the time, though. Some people do not speak with diction, so it's hard to make out anything they say.

Charles said...

I didn't know Ari. Have you ever posted about it before. Once I kept calling one of my managers from behind on my left as he was walking. Then I ran up to him and tapped him on the shoulder and asked him if he was deaf or something. To my surprise and embarrassment he was in his left ear. I won't ever do that again.

The reason why I did this post was because my eye doctor told me I was gonna be blind in twenty years. Went to see an eye specialist who told me that in his opinion my eyes are fine although I am still having tests done.

Ari said...

I can still hear okay. Some days are worse than others, but if there are a lot of people in the room, I won't be able to distinguish one sound from another. All I hear is mumbles. I just hope I don't lose my hearing altogether, because I love music.

I'm so sorry to hear about your vision. But hopefully, that won't happen. I've have heard that sometimes vision can get better over time. Maybe that will happen with you. You never know.

Jeannette said...

Sorry you've been told you're going to lose your sight but sometimes doctors are wrong. I was told that my sight is fading but my friends' mother was told this too. She went to the opticians a few weeks ago as her glasses didn't seem to be working and she was told she needed weaker ones because her sight was improving, she's 90yrs old! Let's hope the same will happen to us! Jeannette xx