Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What do you do???

What do you do when your drained?

What do you do when you worked so much during the summer and your physically and emotional drained?

What do you do when you feel like you are so tired that you have nothing else to say, and you think that maybe its because your drained?

What do you do when your will and determination has been shaken?

What do you do when you feel you don't have it in you to blog anymore?

One less thing to worry about keeps running through my dome!

No one will miss me anyways right?

What should I DO?


2writehands said...

Well, it's not true that you wouldn't (or haven't already) been missed when you're not blogging.

But ultimately, if you need a little time for you--take it. Your blog and your readers will come back the next time you post.

shari said...

Hey Charles! I am glad you are still here and hope you feel better! I've been feeling somewhat similar (and blogging less)...although I still see it as a creative outlet where I can vent about anything -such as being drained or just put in a picture of the day or something. Or nothing. :) I tried to take the pressure off myself to think I have to write something impressive. I can just say hey. lol
You are definitely appreciated and missed. Your posts have amused, entertained, touched and brightened my days.

Chelle said...


Your message on MySpace made me feel bad. I'm sorry sug. You will always be thought of and missed. You are my Sensual Chocolate buddy. :o)

This post, sums up everything for my world as well. Except I feel like my not being around isn't doing anything other then taking up space.

*hugs* Take your time and rest up and find yourself.

Much love,

Your FRIEND - me

Chris said...

Persist without exception.

Email me your snail mail address, I have a dvd I want to send you.

redsneakz said...

Your other brother is still here, waiting patiently for you. I miss you.

Antonette said...

Charles, do what you think you need to do my friend. I will miss you if you do decide to stop blogging, but I will understand. You must think about yourself first.

Jeff said...

You would be missed, but what I do is surrender. Surrender to the One that CAN handle it. It takes the pressure off.